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Saturday, October 31, 2015


The shoulder takes a curve
the long fitted body sweep, the typoical Dior box-pleated skirt.
bonnet - hattie carnegie
simulated pearls by miriam haskell
photo louise dahl-wolfe

thin white rayon dress by clare potter

the coolest dress in the world is chiffon by Ceil Chapman
coro simulated pearls
jerro sandals

Maud et Nano's "nursery maid" hat, a white Milan straw cloche, with crown and streamers of gray and white polka-dotted crepe.

black straw cloche, the short brim hung with lilacs to give the look of a wig of flowers.
made to order bergdorf goodman

"the dream" balthus

principessa helen wolkonsky

donna marella caracciolo dei Principi di castagneto

roman women are beautiful
photographs leslie gill

veronica lake

Oval shoulders, like those of an exquisite ming princess, trace a new line in Castillo's long, close coat of dark satin. It is worn by Veronica Lake, soon to star in Paramount's "Saigon".

Photograph Richard Avedon
Harper's Bazaar July 1947

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The crashing non-euphoria of New York subway life may someday be recorded by a modern Dickens or Daumier. The setting is a sociological gold mine awaiting a major artist. Meanwhile it can be the dream 'location' for any portrait photographer weary of the studio and of the horrors of vanity. Down in the swaying sweatbox he finds a parade of unselfconscious captive sitters, the selection of which is automatically destined by raw chance. 

The portraits on these pages were caught by a hidden camera, in the hands of a penitent spy and an apologetic voyeur. But the rude and impudent invasion involved has been carefully softened and partially mitigated by a planned passage of time. These pictures were made twenty years ago, and deliberately preserved from publication.

As it happens, you don't see among them the face of a judge or a senator or a bank president. What you do see is at once sobering, startling and obvious: these are the ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Walker Evans

The guard is down and the mask is off: even more than when in lone bedrooms ( where there are mirrors ),  people's faces are in naked repose down in the subway.  To test and examine this special state, Walker Evans spent weeks underground,  strapped to a Leica.

His hunt there for true portraiture netted a sizeable stack of remarkable prints: eight are produced here.

Evans' most comprehensive book, 'American Photographs', appears next month in a new edition published by the Museum of Modern Art and Doubleday.

Walker Evans: The Unposed Portrait
Harper's Bazaar March 1962
Photography: Walker Evans

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Fath's reversible red satin evening dress, flaring below the knee. The cape is in green - the reverse side of the satin - and held by two cufflike bands of mink

Dior's steel gray ottoman with taffeta panels in lighter grays

Chaumont's white tulle with bias skirt

Chaumont's silk sheath in olive satin

Balenciaga's gold-embroidered sheath, with a chiffon jacket

Gres's arum lily - white satin over lemon jersey
Fath's huge stole over beige faille
Gres's red faille showing white jersey in front
Balenciaga's satin basque, heavily jewelled, over pale pink tulle 

Balenciaga's white satin dress with a tight bodice embroidered with rubies and pearls.

The Evening Fashion at the Paris Openings
Harper's Bazaar September 1950
Photography: Richard Avedon
Model: Dovima

... eyes on the fifties at devodotcom

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Balenciaga's Vingt-Trois

Fath's under-a-coat dress
Balenciaga's cocktail suit dress

Balenciaga's Barrel Coat

Gres ... Dior
Piguet ... Molyneux
Gres ... Gres


Griffe ... Dior
Desses ... Dior
Schiaparelli ... Molyneux


Desses ... Dior
Balenciaga ... Dior

Carmel Snow's Report on the Paris Openings
Harper's Bazaar September 1950
Photography: Richard Avedon

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Monday, May 18, 2015


White satin, brown velvet, and sparkling jet by Branell
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale

Black jersey shirtdress by Oscar de la Renta
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale

Pearl grey through sky blue empire knit shirtdress by Leslie Fay
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale  

Palest pale grey suede by Viola for Samuel Robert.
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale

The New York Collections
Vogue September 1969
Photography: Irving Penn

Grey Knit, white buttons by Leslie Fay

Top - Polo-shirt dress by Elle Couture
Below - Panel-front knit by Belfa of Geneva

Wool knit by Rona

Wool knit by Cadillac

Avagolf wool knit dress
Top - White knit, brown knit, by Sylvia de Gay 

Dress and coat, black and white, by Betty Carol for Mam'selle.

Black and bared halter neck knit by Howard Lawrence for Dalton

Knits Now and Forever
Vogue June 1968
Coiffures: Hugh Harrison
Photography: Gianni Penati

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